Holiday Cookie Tower

A selection of our most popular holiday and regular treats in a beautiful tower.

Our festive boxes filled with an assortment of our Christmas Treats and medely of our most popular treats, Including:  1 pound of the following Chicken Bones, Peanutbutter Biscotti, Pizza Slices, Banana Crunch Muffins, and Brownie Carab Muffins. 3/4 Pound of Hoiliday treats including: Apple Oatmeal Stars, Peanut Butter and Carob Candy Canes, and our NEW Very Veggie Christmas Trees. and finally 1/4 pound of our Peanut Butter Men. Includes a personalized greeting card.

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Holiday Cookie Box

Crunchy carob and peanut butter cookies topped with red and green holiday frosting packed in a festive box. SOLD OUT.

Apple Oatmeal Mini ''Bagel'' Bites

Great for smaller dogs, these dog treats are made with fresh apples, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, honey and touch of cinnamon.

Beef Canoli

A crisp beef and whole wheat biscuit wrapped around a chewy beef filling. This is a treat your dog can't resist.

Chicken Love Bones

Made with pureed chicken and rye flour, YUM! Medium and Large sizes available. Imprinted with message "I Love My Dog" on large and "Puppy Love" on medium. 6oz. package