Dog Treats

Healthy Hound Bakery has dog treats for every dog size and taste.  Your dog will absolutely love them!  And won't have to worry about giving treats to them because our dog treats are made with the same wholesome ingredients that you would expect in foods you eat.  No preservatives or additives.

Peanut Butter Biscotti topped with Carob

Crunchy peanut butter biscuit made with all natural peanut butter then lightly dipped in carob.

Pizza Slice Dog Treats

These handmade gourmet pizza dog treats are made of whole wheat flour, fresh pureed tomatoes, herbs, and just a touch of parmesan cheese. Oh. So good! Great for dog parties too!

Sampler Box

A great way to find out which treat your dog likes best!

Sweet Heart Treats

Your dog is sure to love you when you give these heart shaped gourmet dog treats. Peanut butter heart shaped cookies hand dipped in carob.

Training Treats

Bite size flavorful nuggets. Perfect for training reward or tasty treat for small dogs.

Wheat Free Chicken Bones

Made with rice and rye flour, and pureed chicken, these treats are sure to satisfy those dogs with wheat alergies. 6 oz.