Dog Treat of the Month Club (6 months)

6 Months of Dog Treats, delivered once each month. Shipping included in price.

Your lucky dog will recieve in their first month a blend of our most popular treats in a 2 pound sampler box, and then, the first week of the following 5 months  your special friend will recieve 1/2 pound of gourmet treats following the schedule below
***(If your first month is Dec we will incorporate christmas treats in your sampler)***

  • January: Beef Training Treats 1/2 pound
  • February: Valentine Hearts 1/2 pound
  • March: Banana Crunch Muffins 1/2 pound
  • April: Apple Oatmeal Mini Bagels 1/2 pound
  • May: Beef & Chicken Twists 1/2 pound
  • June: Carrot Twists 1/2 pound
  • July: Chicken Bones 1/2 pound
  • August: Beef Cannoli 1/2 pound
  • September: Peanutbutter biscotti 1/2 pound
  • October: Halloween Treats 1/2 pound
  • November: Pizza Slices 1/2 pound
  • December: Christmas Cookies 1/2 pound

We will also send a "Welcome to the Treat of the Month Club" letter (and if necessary who it is from if sent as a gift).  Club membership includes treats and all postage and handling charges for 6 months.  There will be a one time $9.95 shipping and handling charge when you place the order.