About Us

Company Background

Let me tell you a little about us and how we originated. I am a professional chef schooled in New York City, then eventually settled in upstate New York as an executive chef of a prominent country club. You might ask, why a dog bakery for a chef? Well, I fell in love ...yes with a Black Labrador named Audrey. Concerned about the ingredients (especially fat) in store bought treats, I started developing not only tasty, but healthy treats for Audrey. With the advice of a veterinarian I came up with ingredients that are healthy and natural. Audrey loved them, and she lost over 5 pounds in about 4 months (with no other changes to her diet or exercise), simply by enjoying my treats instead of store bought treats. She maintained her healthy weight, which made our vet. very pleased.

Over the years Audrey’s friends have come to love and enjoy these treats too. So with plenty of prompting from family and friends, I created HealthyHoundBakery.com I hope your dog will enjoy these wholesome snacks as much as Audrey. You can rest assure that you are feeding the best and healthiest treats to your dog(s).

Just another dog lover,


This Site is Dedicated to My Beloved Audrey.

To say she changed my life is an understatement. For 13 1/2 years she gave me and my family Love, Loyalty and Laughs. She was the ultimate taste tester for Healthy Hound Bakery! Without her there would be no Healthy Hound Bakery!! Rest in peace my beautiful girl, Miss Audrey.

Your Loving Family