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Healthy Hound Bakery bakes fresh daily healthy, all natural gourmet dog treats. We make our dog treats from scratch, homemade, with no preservatives, additives, or processed sugars (we use only honey). We only use human grade meats (no meat by products) and all of our dog treats have been veterinarian approved. The result is healthy, tasty dog treats for your special dog.

Is your dog's birthday coming up? Healthy Hound Bakery has a great selection of dog birthday cakes, personalized with your custom message. You can order just a cake, or a complete birthday party package.

Dog Treat of the Month Club (12 months)

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Your lucky dog will recieve in their first month a blend of our most popular treats in a 2 pound sampler box, and then, the first week of the following 11 months  your special friend will recieve 1/2 pound of gourmet treats following the schedule below
***(If your first month is Dec we will incorporate christmas treats in your sampler)***
  • January: Beef Training Treats 1/2 pound
  • February: Valentine Hearts 1/2 pound
  • March: Banana Crunch Muffins 1/2 pound
  • April: Apple Oatmeal Mini Bagels 1/2 pound
  • May: Beef & Chicken Twists 1/2 pound
  • June: Carrot Twists 1/2 pound
  • July: Chicken Bones 1/2 pound
  • August: Beef Cannoli 1/2 pound
  • September:  Peanutbutter Biscotti 1/2 pound
  • October: Halloween Treats 1/2 pound
  • November: Pizza Slices 1/2 pound
  • December: Christmas Cookies 1/2 pound

We will also send a "Welcome to the Treat of the Month Club" letter explaining the club (and if necessary who it is from if sent as a gift). Club membership includes treats and all postage and handling charges for 12 months.  There will be a one time shipping and handling charge of $8.50 when you place the order.

Price: $209.95

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