Dog Birthday Party Package

Everything you need to give your dog a great birthday party.
  • Brownie Cake
    Brownie Cake
  • Cookie Cake
    Cookie Cake
  • Carrot Cake [+$1.00]
    Carrot Cake [+$1.00]
  • Banana Cake [+$2.00]
    Banana Cake [+$2.00]

Pick the color of the message to be put on cake.


¼ lb. sampling per bag of our favorite dog treats

Celebrity Pet Dish Pet 

Includes choice of our Cookie Cake, Carrot Cake, Brownie Bone Cake. or Banana Cake (carrot cake shown). Gourmet dog cake topped with a personalized message, and 3 Party Favor Bags (each filled with a pound sampling of our Pizza Slices, I love you Chicken Bones, and Apple Oatmeal Bagels), 3 doggie napkins and 3 party hats! Shipping Weight 3.75 pounds.